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Protesters out as poll count tensions rise
Protests have sprung up in some cities amid rising tensions over the knife-edge counts in battleground states.

In Portland, Oregon, the national guard were activated after an anti-Trump protest calling for every vote to be counted turned violent. Witnesses said some people broke away from the main group and broke shop windows in the city centre. Police called the incidents a riot.

Meanwhile in Minneapolis, police made arrests after about 200 demonstrators blocked a main road. US media said the group had been protesting against Donald Trump and his call to stop the counting of votes.

Similar protests were also reported in New York, Philadelphia and Chicago.

In Detroit, pro-Trump supporters gathered outside a vote-counting centre, banging on windows and shouting: “Stop the count.” A small anti-count protest was also reported in Phoenix, Arizona.

Trump supporters protest at Phoenix vote-counting centre

Dozens of Trump supporters have converged on a vote-counting centre in Phoenix, Arizona, chanting “We love Trump” and “Stop the Steal” after the president insisted – without evidence – that there were major problems with the voting and the ballot counting in several battleground states.

The protesters filled much of the parking lot at the Maricopa County election center, where sheriff’s deputies were guarding both the outside of the building and the counting inside.

The Associated Press has declared Biden the winner in Arizona, flipping a longtime Republican state that Trump won in 2016. (BBC)

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