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Have you ever wanted to take off all your clothes on a hot and sweaty day or have ever put on a few extra layers of cloths before you went out for in the winter months? or have you ever entered the office war over the air-condition? But what if we all wore clothing that adjusted to us, rather than having to fiddle with the temperature dial?

Some researchers from the university of Maryland have made a textile from heat-sensitive material with fibers that expand or contract in response to heat and humidity. When the material is hot or wet, it collapses into a tight bundle, effectively opening gaps in the cloth to enable heat loss. The opposite effect occurs when the textile is cold or dry: the fibers expand, reducing gaps to prevent heat escaping. YuHuang Wang from the university of Maryland says, this acts as a heat regulating-switch, which automatically turns on or off depending on your level of thermal discomfort

Humans absorb heat and loses heat though infrared radiation. At room temperature 40 per cent of heat transfer happens this way.

Most cloth fabrics keep you warm by trapping radiation keep the heat inside without escaping but cannot control the heat. This is also true that sports fabrics worn by runners and athletes while exercising to help regulate their body temperature. The fabric produced by wangs team can vary the amount of infrared radiated by 35 per cent as the humidity of the underlying skin changes.

It can be knitted, dyed and washed like other sportswear fabrics.The fabric is still in testing so don’t get your hopes up yet as Wang is intending to partner up with a manufacture to produce clothing using this new fabric.

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