CMN-LATESTI was not driving or involved in the luxury SUV accident | Sindy Wickramanayake stated.

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A news item was circulating on social media about an accident that occurred in Kuruduwatta damaging a vehicle showroom company which was located in front of the Lotus tower causing extensive damage to another luxury car which had been on display for sale in the showroom. It was stated that the 19-year-old daughter of a senior superintendent of Police (SSP) yesterday crashed the V8 jeep she was driving into a luxury vehicle showroom in Colombo 7. Many accusations were made on her and it was revealed that she does not have a valid driving license. When Inquired about this incident the accused Sindy Wickramanayake stated the following,

“Regarding the incident that occurred, I would like to make a statement that I was not involved in the said crash as the driver. In fact, I was in a separate vehicle Infront of them we slowed down our car and then saw the V8 crash into the dealership. That’s when I got off my vehicle and went there to check up on my friends. That’s when that picture was taken and it has been going all over social media, please disregard any accusations about me since I’m in no way involved in this accident. Thank you”.

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SUV crashes into vehicle showroom in Colombo 7

Only after the accident occurred I left my vehicle and rush to check up on my friends who were involved with the accident. The photograph that’s being circulated across social media, was captured at this point. I would like to reiterate I was not involved in the aforementioned accident and I was not the driver of the vehicle. Hence, I would sincerely appreciate if my name and photograph can be refrained from being circulated identifying me as the perpetrator of the accident, she further requested.

Police further stated that no persons had been injured in the accident, but property damages had been reported.
The accident occurred when the driver, a resident of Colombo had lost control of the vehicle due to excessive speed.

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