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The name Pete Buttigieg (Pronounced ‘Boot-Edge-Edge), as hard as it maybe to day, is a name that is on the lips of everyone and anyone with an interest in politics, particularly in the United States.

The Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and now Presidential candidate is one of the near 18-strong list of Presidential hopefuls, who was the latest to announce his candidacy.

The 37-year old has shocked the world by becoming a front runner in the race, coming in at third in the opinion polls behind Former VP Joe Biden and Veteran lawmaker Bernie Sanders, and is benefitting from a massive upswing in popularity.

Why, though?

Mayor Pete, as he is known in his constituency, is essentially a Marketer’s dream. He is young, good-looking, a Harvard Graduate, a Rhode scholar, an Afghan vet, multi-lingual openly gay progressive.

This is a far cry from politicians currently in the establishment, who are considered to be mostly, one dimensional.

He also has a calm, soft-spoken, unassuming demeanour, and is very much your guy next door.

The Platform

Buttigieg is a story-teller over a policy man, but he has expressed opinions on some key issues in the run up to the 2020 polls.

He supports the idea of pulling troops out of Afghanistan, believes in systematic legalisation of illegal immigrants, strong controls for guns and other weapons, and considers climate change to be a national threat.

He is also pro-America however not like Trump, in saying that he feels deals like NAFTA put American workers in the red, destroying industries.

What does this mean for global politics?

Strong-man politics and the culture of dictatorship is slowly but surely eroding from the global political sphere, particularly from the West.

Even in Africa, we saw the recent ousting of the Sudanese President who held onto power for three decades, by his own military.

It is in such a scenario that politicians like Buttigieg, who are young, educated and essentially, the complete package, are coming to the fore.

This holds the bar at a higher level and like those in the corporate world, demand that politicians ‘up their game’ to continue being the choice of their electorates.

This not only changes the very nature of intra-country politics, but also inter-country politics, with like-minded globalised leaders coming to the fore.

The only question is, whether these new-age leaders can meet the demands of their own countries successfully.

Buttigieg in particular, cannot in any way allow what happened on the streets of Paris happen in the streets of Washington or New York, and of that, the voters will be vary

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