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Paris is a beautiful place and home to some of the finest Instagram’s posts with some of the prettiest cobbled streets in Paris having become a huge hit for instagrammers worldwide uploading picture of the beautiful streets.

However, the residents of Frances Rue Cremieux seem to have had enough of the nonsense by all the tourists and wannabe Instagrammer clogging the streets as they have started to call the city council to help try and reduce access to the streets at certain times of the day. They have even gone so far as to launch an Instagram account logging in all the unwanted activity on the street.

It illustrated how the search for the perfect picture could become a problem, said travel blogger Kris Morton.The residents of Rue Cremieux have asked to city council to provide a gate so that it could be closed during peak times when all the instagrammer flock to the area searching for the perfect picture such as evenings, weekends and at sunrise and sunset as this ends up disturbing the peace in the neighborhood.

One resident told radio station France Info: “We sit down to eat and just outside we have people taking photos, rappers who take two hours to film a video right beneath the window, or bachelorette parties who scream for an hour. Frankly, it’s exhausting.”

According to MS Morton this kind of behavior is extremely common among Instagram users as she has encountered the same scenario when he visited beauty spots in Iceland, Venice and at Machu Picchu, Peru.
“There, I stopped and stood at an overlook with my boyfriend and pointed out examples of every cliché Instagram pose being done at the same time along the terraces there,” she said.

“We stood and waited for a couple of minutes while a woman had her male companion taking dozens of photos in different poses, blocking the whole pathway before I got aggravated and just walked in front of the camera to get by.”

But, Ms Morton said, it was the people rather than the app that was to blame.

“Just taking pictures for Instagram isn’t a problem and if it inspires people to travel and see the world it can be a great thing,” she said.

“But intruding on private property, hogging photo spots so no-one else can enjoy them or take their own picture while posing for 100 different shots, or venturing over guardrails or off-trail for a better shot just aren’t OK.

“Instagram away – but do it with some common courtesy and respect for property owners, fellow visitors, and the environment.”

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