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With an ever-increasing number of health ideals being tossed around right now, it’s proving difficult to discern what to do and what not to do in terms of healthy living.

Typing “weight loss” in the google search bar, you are bound to find a near hundred tips, tripping and tumbling over each other in contradiction. Shedding weight has thus, proven to be a tough subject to follow – let alone follow through.

Keeping in mind that weight loss is a product of a more habitual life, rather than a short-term goal, we’ve rounded up six “miracle” workers for weight loss.

1.Hydrate yourself

With closer proximity to the equator, the tropical island is a place where you can suffer from a parched throat quite easily. This could have a drastic effect on your metabolism. In fact, thirst is often mistaken for hunger and well, you know how this tale ends.

Stick to basic H20 and do not compensate (2 -3 litres a day is ideal). Opt for flavoured water (cut up some fruit, mint leaves or ginger and add it to your water) if you crave a little kick, rather than reaching for something carbonated or alcoholic.

Although the studies have shown mixed results, black coffee and tea also aids weight loss, to a certain extent. Minus the sugar, caffeine boosts the metabolism rate and mobilizes fat from the fat tissue. If you are caffeine sensitive, opt for green tea; a bitter Japanese miracle worker with a modest level of caffeine, packed with more anti-oxidants that coffee.

2.Wear your crown at breakfast

Remember the term “Eat like a king for breakfast and like a beggar for dinner”? It appears that that just might push you in the right direction to weight loss. After a near 8 hour fast through the night, skipping breakfast means unsteady blood sugar levels and a slower metabolism.

Consider stocking up on protein and whole grains in the morning. Studies show that this can keep you full for up to nearly 6 hours. In fact, try to incorporate more protein in all your meals, while cutting down on re-fined carbohydrates (think more red rice and kurakkan and less white bread and white rice).

3.Don’t sugar coat it

A golden rule of weight loss is to cut out sugar, sodium and salt.  These three “S”s are bound to leave you feeling lethargic and bloated. Say no to potato chips, instant noodles and sugar in your cup of tea – sounds like a near Sri Lankan nightmare – and opt for whole, unprocessed food.

You may not have to entirely compensate on flavour; studies show that spicy food increases your metabolism due to its inflammatory properties. Feel free to gluttonously indulge in your grandmother’s achcharu, runny nose and over salivating tongue included.


4.Do a bit of math

The norm in Sri Lanka dictates that you serve a mountain of rice, capped with curry and very poorly landscaped fields of veg around it. This basically means that you feel the need to take a post meal nap on your veranda at home.

Cutting out food groups has little or no evidence to aid weight loss. Nutritionists suggest that a balanced plate is ¼ carbohydrates and starch, ¼ protein and the rest of your plate to constitute of fruit and veg.

To help you take control over portion size, consider using a smaller plate and chew slowly. Digestion is an extremely slow process and chewing your food slowly will ensure that you don’t over eat.


5.Stress less, snooze more

This was me on Saturday after a series of errors (some on my part) led to me losing BOTH hard drives in my “redundant” back up.Yes, you read that right. Some 44,000 photos gone in the matter of minutes. I have some secondary backups of certain things but that’s less than 20%. I’m not too concerned with any of the stuff that was uploaded to flickr, most of that stuff is replaceable over time. Its the loss of all the wedding, social, family and party photos that is most troubling. Let this be a warning everyone, back up frequently and to more than once place.

Stress has a clear correlation to weight gain. Depending on your personality, you may either over eat or poorly eat under stressful situations and you may even sleep poorly.

Make a friend out of stress; take up some meditation and create a stress-free zone you can retreat to when the going gets tough.

Try your best to get 6 – 8 hours of sleep each night. Also, having dinner 4 hours prior to your bed time will help with digestion and act as a sort of mini fast to contribute to weight loss.


6.Take the stairs

To get the best out of your workout consider doing a mix of cardio (like swimming and running) and strength training (push ups and weights). Studies suggest that muscle is easier to burn than fat and it also boosts your metabolism.

In addition to this, try to stay active as much as you can; walk, take public transport and choose the stairs over the elevator – easy ways for you to squeeze a little exercise into your day.

Hoping that we’ve nudged you in the right direction, we’d like to add that these tips only bring about miracles with a little bit of perseverance and patience. So, a little bit of self-motivation, and the scale is bound to tip in your favour. Good luck!

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