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Asmara is the capital city of Eritrea, a country in the Horn of Africa. Today Eritrean capital has become world’s one of most famous cycling paradise. A combination of factors ranging from conflict to diplomatic isolation have unintentionally turned the Eritrean capital into this.

Asmara known for its Italian colonial buildings, like the Catholic Cathedral. The Italian architecture combined with the genuine African feel creates a lively and friendly atmosphere for cyclists to enjoy their ridings. Asmara’s population of more of 650,000, which combined with low salaries, high import taxes and fuel shortages. Therefore the city has only few vehicles. Renting cars or using taxis is also expensive in Asmara due to the extremely high fuel prices in this part of the world. Due to the hardships brought by regional conflicts great numbers of young Eritreans have left the country over the last 20 years.

The best way to get around while living in Asmara is walking or riding bicycles. Another option is the bus. The city is served by a number of decent downtown bus-lines. Those who rely on public transport have to endure long waits before getting on an extremely crowded bus. Buses are so old and so few. Therefore, In Asmara having a bicycle is life-saving.

As a result of these circumstances, capital city of Eritrea offers a very different landscape compared to other cities in the African region which jammed with huge traffic. This, together with the wonderful climate of Asmara, makes it a dream for cyclists to get around.

Asmara’s Italian architecture combined with the genuine African feel creates a lively and friendly atmosphere also add extra glamour to this and make wonderful environment for cyclists to get around. Due to this high volume bike riders who gets around the city caused to have massive no of bike repair shops all over Asmara.

Also don’t forget that Cycling is the most popular sport among Eritreans. Introduced by the Italians, competitive cycling is a source of pride among the inhabitants. Mosana Debesay, Eritrean professional racing cyclist, who currently rides for UCI Women’s Team Servetto–Piumate–Beltrami TSA is extremely successful in international races in Austria last September.

More than any place we’ve been to in the world, Asmara is a feeling. Life in Asmara resembles what life was like pre-Internet. People aren’t looking at screens—they are looking at each other. Most of the world has had a long-lasting relationship with the Internet; Asmara hardly knows of it.

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