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Theresa May’s spokesperson conceded that after the prime minister could not put her deal unchanged for a third meaningful vote after the speaker John Bercow’s ruling, Britain will be unable to leave the EU with a deal.

Theresa May will be forced to write to EU leaders on Wednesday and request them to allow a delay on Britain’s exit from the EU. Mrs May’s cabinet is facing a deadlock over the best way out of what Downing Street has now accepted is a crisis. Although the government had maintained until the last possible moment that Brexit could go ahead as planned on the 29th of March or after a brief technical extension it may no longer be the case.

For the Prime Minister to get an extension it would have to be approved by a vote in both houses of parliament next week since the 29th March date is written into the EU Withdrawal Act.

A clarification has not yet been made as to the length of the extension that will be requested for from the European Union. According to sources on TheGuardain, insiders have stated that the opinion was more or less divided between those who favoured a short three-month extension with the potential of a no-deal Brexit in the summer and those who favour a much longer delay. Several sources said ministers emerged from cabinet unclear about what May’s personal position was on the best way forward as well.

A meeting had also taken place between Mrs May and backbench colleagues to determine the next steps to be taken. These backbenchers included the former foreign secretary Boris Johnson, who is widely regarded as a potential frontrunner in a leadership contest if the prime minister decides to step aside amidst the chaos. The possibility of this happening cannot be completely ignored as some members of the backbench European Research Group (ERG) at their regular meeting in Westminster on Tuesday night openly called for the prime minister to step aside.

the prime minister’s spokesman said that the prime minister has set out that she believes that the deal she has secured from the EU is a good one and that it is the best deal available, and she continues to work on finding a way for parliament to pass that deal, so that we can get on with leaving the EU as quickly as possible.

To pass this deal Mrs May has entered into negotiations with the Democratic Unionist Party in the hope that their support along with key Brexiters such as Jacob Rees-Mogg could swing the parliament in her favour. Parallel discussions are being conducted with Philip Hammond, to determine post-Brexit options for taxing goods across the Irish border. The discussion has centred around how Northern Irish politicians should maintain some political oversight of the backstop to maintain an open border if the UK ends up leaving the EU without an all-encompassing deal.

Across the ocean, Britain is also expected to sign a trade deal with Canada within days which will effectively copy Canada’s economic pact with the EU for British companies after Brexit. As the Brexit date draws closer the UK is facing an internal crisis on what the next best step for them should be.

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